February 16th, 2014

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  • This article includes some clips, gifs and and links from the Graham Norton Show interview on Friday. The show was also a ratings success.

  • Alyson Hannigan has been cast in the role of Tom Papa's wife for the comedy pilot.

  • Louis Rorimer, the son of James Romimer, was interviewed about his father and the film.

    But while at the premiere, Rorimer had the chance to speak with Damon briefly, and he said he was impressed with both Damon’s performance and the actor himself. “He clearly understood the character of my father and what he was playing,” Rorimer said. “He made some very complimentary comments about what a great guy my father was… The character as a whole was a great reflection of my father – [the] integrity, seriousness.”

    After seeing the film, Rorimer said he believes the message of the film is grounded in both the past and the present. An important part of it, he said, is the artwork that has still not been returned to its original owners even now. “[The message is] honoring these individuals for what they did and making the world aware of what's unfinished,” Rorimer said.

  • From an interview with Minnie Driver on whether her leading men were men or boys:

    Matt Damon, "Good Will Hunting" (1997)
    "Man. I would say… no, he was a boy. It's so funny, because he's been so much more man than boy. I feel like that was the only one where he was a boy. Even the one with Jude Law ['The Talented Mr. Ripley'], 'Saving Private Ryan'… I still feel like he became a man really quickly. But he was a boy in 'Good Will Hunting.' A clever boy."

  • In this IMDB inteview, Matt talks about the one movie poster in his apartment (and quotes a few lines from the movie).

  • During an interview with Simon Mayo, Matt said he had to walk away from potential directorial debut The Foreigner due to timing issues, but that Paul Greengrass is flirting with the project.

  • Matt is due to attend the BAFTA Awards in London on Sunday evening as a nominee (for the final time) for Behind the Candelabra, this time in the Supporting Actor category.