May 30th, 2015

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More Martian photos and reports

  • Entertainment Weekly and People both posted preview articles on The Martian with new photos, including:

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    "Through Interstellar and watching the fun that Annie [Hathaway] and Matt [Damon] had playing astronauts, I thought I really want to do that," Jessica Chastain tells PEOPLE. "It was about two weeks later, Ridley called me and asked me if I would play an astronaut in his next film, The Martian – I jumped at the chance of course."

    And as for working with Damon in The Martian, Chastain can’t say much … but she’s excited for people to see the finished product.

    “I need to do another film with Matt, because we have very little scenes together in this film, and he is a pleasure to work with,” she said. “I have been a fan of his work for so long – everything from Good Will Hunting to The Informant. He is just brilliant, and I think his performance in The Martian is going to blow people away, to see him as they have never seen him. It is exciting for me to watch.”

  • The trailer for The Martian should be out shortly, as a Canadian rating for two PG-rated trailers has been released. Thanks to Lee for the tip.

  • Pedro Pascal has posted another Instagram pic with Matt in Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

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    2 days ago
    My Blues Brother #TheGreatWallMovie #Legendary #SaiKung #HongKong