September 21st, 2015

grey suit, award


  • From an interview at the Bangalore Mirror:

    We've talked a little about the physical challenge of the role. What was it like shooting day-to-day? Those space suits look pretty uncomfortable.
    Matt: Ridley made it really easy. There were days where there was a little discomfort here and there. I got a little hot when we got to Jordan and we were outside in the desert. But we had cooling suits underneath that could mitigate some of that. I think this movie would have been unbearable with a different director, with someone who's not really sure of himself. It would have taken about three times as long and would have been a much harder shoot, but with someone like Ridley, you know, he's got four cameras going at once and he is just charging forwards with an absolute definitive vision of what he wants, and is communicating that to all his department heads. It's just fun, it really is fun.

    Ridley shot the film in 3D, which for a story like this adds another layer. Are you a fan of 3D?
    I haven't seen this in 3D yet, but Ridley was really bullish about it. He was excited about it, and we shot in 3D, with the 3D cameras, and he was really into it, so I'm reserving my judgment. I haven't seen a lot of things in 3D, and I guess everyone is starting to think about shooting in 3D now, so hopefully the films will get better. I mean, I think we're all still learning about it.

    Is the next film The Great Wall? Have you finished that now?
    Yeah, it's done. I'm really happy with it, and again I was working with another great director (Yimou Zhang).

    Could you sum up the experience of making The Martian?
    It was great. Just selfishly, I got to go to two new countries that I haven't been to, and I had a fantastic experience in both, and I'd go back to either and shoot in them in a New York minute. I really loved both places. But most of it is down to Ridley. He made it so fun, and I learned so much watching him. Just to work with a master is a blessing.

  • A cool new Martian promotion: a plant in a can:

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    An actual plant in a can arrived for Matt Damon's new sci-fi, The Martian. I have to open the lid and water it to grow.