May 4th, 2016

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Downsizing to film in Norway

  • Downsizing looks set to film in Norway in August following long negotiations for local concessions. It is expected Matt and other cast members will attend.

  • Riz Ahmed discussed the environment of the Bourne set at Entertainment Weekly:

    Ahmed tells EW the dynamic of working with two veterans of the medium was energizing, and that both men facilitated a welcoming atmosphere on a chaotic set. “It was such a joy working on the Bourne project; Paul Greengrass, they say tone is set at the top, and I think Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon are such cool guys, from my experience with them,” he says. “Very generous, very engaging, very interested, humble, and that just trickles down onto set. So, no matter what kind of madness is happening or how much you’re running to try and make the day, it’s just a good vibe on set.”

    The upcoming film, the fifth in the series, sees Damon reprising the titular role after skipping the fourth installment, The Bourne Legacy, in 2012. Ahmed joins the franchise playing a CIA tech specialist, and he says witnessing Damon’s “genius” abilities made for an inspiring atmosphere all around. “That’s something I really learned from it. I think often we elevate this idea of the tortured genius, but I think [Damon and Greengrass are] geniuses at what they do, and they’re not torturing anyone, from what I can see. Maybe they go home and cry every night, but they were just spreading good vibes, so that was good to see.”

  • Matt was in New York last week to see one of the final performances of John Krasinski's play Dry Powder.