June 4th, 2016

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MIT commencement speech

  • Matt delivered the commencement speech at MIT on Friday in front of Lucy, their children, his parents and brother. The full text is available here, and video is available here. Matt received a pirate certificate after the speech. Reports are at the Boston Globe here and here.

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    Matt Damon had an important message to share with MIT graduates: “There is more at stake today than in every story that has ever been told.”

    Damon was equal parts fiery and inspiring while addressing students at MIT’s 2016 commencement ceremony Friday morning. He spent sections of his speech lambasting bankers and Donald Trump, touting Elizabeth Warren, and urging students to take the issues of income inequality and global warming seriously.

    Damon’s speech wasn’t 100 percent serious, however. He joked about attending Harvard University and walking with his graduating class despite never actually graduating. Damon dropped out 12 credits shy of completing a degree in English to pursue acting full-time.

    “You can imagine how excited I was when President Reif wanted me to speak at the MIT commencement, and how sorry I was to learn that the MIT commencement speaker does not get to go home with a degree,” Damon said. “So, yes, for the second time in my life, I’m fake graduating from a college in my hometown.”

    Damon ended his speech by telling graduates that the future belongs to them, but they need to tackle the pressing issues facing society immediately.

    “I hope you’ll turn toward the problem of your choosing,” Damon said. “And I hope you’ll drop everything, and I hope you’ll solve it.”

    “This is your life, class of 2016. This your moment. It is all down to you. Ready, player one; your game begins now.”

  • A new interview with Matt is at Sharp magazine, and scans of the Total Film interview are available here. A deleted scene from The Martian is at Yahoo.

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