January 26th, 2019



  • Matt and Gary White have been promoting water.org in Davos and in Spain. From an interview at Mens Journal, thanks to Irina:

    What can you tell us about your upcoming movie Ford v. Ferrari?
    Damon: I’m really excited for people to see that. It’s coming out in June, and it’s about Ford trying to take down Ferrari at the Le Mans race. James Mangold directed it and Christian Baleis in it with me. It was surreal to work with Christian because I’m one of his bigger fans. He was coming off Vice—and from the time we decided to do the movie to the time we started shooting, he dropped 70 pounds. The first day on set, I asked him: “How did you do that?” I’ve lost weight and gained weight for parts, and there are lots of theories on how to do it. And he just looked at me and said: “I didn’t eat.” That guy is cut from a different cloth. He has a monk-like discipline that’s just really impressive to see.

    You originally were going to direct Manchester By the Sea. Do you still have an interest in getting behind the camera?
    Damon: John Krasinski and I originally commissioned Kenny [Lonergan] to write Manchester By the Sea, because I was going to direct it. When I read the script, I went to Kenny and said: “You have to direct it. This is a Kenny Lonergan movie.” So I was going to play the main role, but The Martian was starting, and I just couldn’t get it in. So Casey took over, and that turned out okay. With directing, it’s still something I’m interested in. I’m just looking for the perfect project to do it.