October 1st, 2019


British GQ cover

Matt and Christian Bale are on the cover of the November edition of British GQ. Photos are at British GQ's Instagram, including the following text. Photos are by Sam Jones. The interview is also online, including an Avatar story that will dominate the press coverage and probably be denied by James Cameron.

"Christian’s approach is the approach that young actors wish they had when they’re talking s***: a monk-like discipline in service of your work. That’s one of the rarest things, because it comes at a price. It is inspiring." The A-listers all other A-listers want to be, and stars of new racing blockbuster Le Mans ’66 , #MattDamon and #ChristianBale are our November cover stars 

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The reason we’re here is that after years of bumping into each other and trading tales at various events (“We’d always chit-chat a little,” says Damon. “I actually met Christian’s wife before I met him, 20 years ago”) they’re finally in a film together.

If Damon is exactly the guy you’d expect – the everyman’s everyman, funny, chummy, an anecdote tombola and absolutely the guy you’d love to have a beer or ten with – Bale is not at all what you’d imagine from his brooding roles, legendary dedication and propensity to gorge or starve until the character’s waistline fits.

What did you learn about each other during filming?

CB: That he needs to direct. I definitely learnt that. I would hear Matt and Jim [Mangold, the director] having conversations that went right over my head.

MD: See, I read that as you saying, “He definitely shouldn’t act.”

CB: [Laughs.] No, I came to you really early on and said, “You’ve got to direct, man.” And he’s got much better perception than I do.