January 12th, 2020

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Ford v Ferrari DVD details

  • The DVD for Ford v Ferrari will be released on February 11 (digital on 28 January). Details are at Collider:

    FORD V FERRARI Digital Bonus Features:

    “The 24 Hour Le Mans: Recreating the Course” Featurette – Discover how the climactic race of the film was achieved, from recreating the track to capturing and editing all the action.

    Pre-Vis: Daytona & Le Mans Races – These animated pre-visualization sequences worked as a roadmap for filmmakers throughout production.

    “Bringing The Rivalry to Life” * – Go behind the scenes of the film with this 8-part, 60-minute documentary.

    Matt and Christian: The Conversation (iTunes Extras exclusive) – Sit down with Christian Bale and Matt Damon for an intimate reflection on the making of the film.

  • Matt's publicist Jennifer Allen was interviewed at the Hollywood Reporter, including:

    Jennifer, your first client was Matt Damon. How did you sign him?

    JENNIFER ALLEN I work with Tommy Lee Jones who directed a TV movie for TNT called The Good Old Boys and Matt played Tommy's nephew. Tommy introduced me to him at a screening at the Directors Guild. Matt and I just had a nice, brief conversation, and I thought, well this is, you know, a young, interesting actor. He had done School Ties and [Geronimo: An American Legend] at that point. I became friendly with [Matt’s longtime agent] Patrick Whitesell and after two years of asking, ‘When is the right time, when is the right time?’ Matt got cast in the Francis Ford Coppola movie based on the John Grisham novel, The Rainmaker, so I flew to San Francisco to meet Matt on the set. That was 1996. My son was three months old and I was still on maternity leave.