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  • Short articles from Us magazine and OK magazine about the Kimmel video are below, with thanks to Stacie. The Us article states that Matt had to leave the shoot early to attend a recital for Alexia.

    Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

  • At the BAFTAs The Bourne Ultimatum won for editing and sound, and Paul Greengrass won British Director of the Year at the London Film Critics Circle Awards.

  • Actor Roy Scheider, who co-starred with Matt in The Rainmaker, died recently at the age of 75.

  • Marvin Hamlisch will be doing the score for The Informant - details here.

    Marvin Hamlisch is both artistic and practical. The Pittsburgh Symphony Pops principal conductor is one of America's most prominent composers, who's just signed a contract to write the music for Matt Damon's upcoming film "The Informant."

  • Daniel Craig has denied comparisons between Bond and Bourne - details here.
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