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Oprah update, Primetime Live

  • A new description of Friday's Oprah program is now available on the program's site. Also at the site are message boards for each individual show, which make interesting reading (Matt v George comparisons and some fun stories).

    12/3/04 The Stars of Ocean's Twelve

    Matt Damon talks about his good friend Ben and how pals George Clooney and Brad Pitt get him good! Plus, his co-stars from Ocean's Twelve Bernie Mac and Don Cheadle.

  • Here are a few early summaries of the Primetime Live program, the first from the Boston Globe.

    Actor Matt Damon tells Diane Sawyer tonight that supporting John Kerry was, "financially, the stupidest thing that [he] could do," but the election was about more than money. Interviewed with his "Ocean's Twelve" costars on "Primetime Live," Damon says he doesn't need or want the fat tax break he's getting from the Bush administration. "I personally would like to give millions of dollars back," he says. "This guy -- this president -- is giving me millions of dollars. Do you think I need that?" (No, as a matter of fact, we don't.)

    Damon also credits his parents for instilling a strong work ethic in their kids: "My mother, because she was a professor . . . never made as much money as she deserved to make, but she loved what she did. And my father, who went and took a job to make enough money to provide for us, but never loved his job," he said. "So both of them said, 'Boys, whatever you do, make sure that you love to do it. Unless you have children to provide for, in which case you have to suck it up and . . . do whatever you need to do.'"

  • There's also a preview and a photo at the official site. Footage from the show was also aired on GMA Wednesday during an interview with Jerry Weintraub, and on ET. Some text excerpts:

    Sawyer also asked the mega-stars where they wanted to be — professionally and personally — three years from now.

    Damon, who plays the pickpocket Linus Caldwell, said he's content career-wise, yet "I would like to try directing. But that would involve writing a script … I don't know that I will have one ready to go in three years."

    On the personal front, he says, "I know I want kids, but I don't really have a time limit set on that."

    Meanwhile, Clooney, who plays leader Danny Ocean, said he was getting over the challenge of putting on 30 pounds for his upcoming film "Syriana."

    "I was in the movie with him. He was the most depressed I've ever seen him," added Damon. "When you're used to exercising a lot and burning off, you know, it's just totally throws your body for a loop when suddenly you don't do that at all..."

  • The official Ocean's Twelve site has been updated with images, production notes etc. Meanwhile, the Japan premiere with some of the cast present will be on 22 January. And another cast interview is here, including:

    For Damon, returning to "Ocean's" was a welcome experience after starring in the actioner "The Bourne Supremacy." He delighted in playing a supporting player that also was fallible. Being part of an ensemble also had other perks.

    "We're used to doing movies where we go to work every day and are working five or six days a week without a day off," says Damon. "On 'Ocean's Twelve,' we'd have three days a week off or something like that. I mean, the days we worked, we really did work."

  • In one of the many useless "star reactions to Julia Roberts' babies" stories, Matt gave this response to Extra.

    Matt Damon, in New York to tape an appearance on David Letterman, jokingly expressed his disappointment, telling us, "I can't believe she didn't name the kid Matthew."

    But Matt was hesitant to give the newborns any advice since, "They can't understand English yet."
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