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Another win for Bourne Ultimatum, Green Zone

  • The Bourne Ultimatum has won the people's choice section of the Richard Attenborough Film Awards (previously known as the UK Regional Critics’ Film Awards). Details from the Guardian, including quotes from Paul Greengrass and Matt. Updated with additional quotes from here.

    Awards season officially drew to an end with Sunday's grand Academy Awards ceremony in LA - except that no one appears to have told Sir Richard Attenborough. This morning it was announced that The Bourne Ultimatum had been named film of the year in the people's choice section of the ongoing Richard Attenborough Film Awards. Take that, Joel and Ethan Coen.

    The award was the result of a public vote via 25 UK regional media outlets and reflects the mainstream popularity of Paul Greengrass's action blockbuster, which has been seen by more than 4m viewers since its British release last summer.

    "I am hugely honoured that the UK public has voted for The Bourne Ultimatum as their favourite film in what was a fine year for the cinema," Paul Greengrass said in a statement.

    The film's star, Matt Damon, was still more fulsome. ""I love playing this character and working with Paul Greengrass and the entire crew who made the Bourne series a real triumph. We shot most of the sequences in London and at the UK's Pinewood studios with a primarily British crew," he pointed out. "So I'm particularly excited that this award has been voted for by the Brits themselves."

    Lord Attenborough said: "My admiration and congratulations go to Paul Greengrass and all who made The Bourne Ultimatum such a pulsating cinematic experience, and also to the public who felt passionately enough to vote in their thousands."

  • Actor Sean Huze has stated on his MySpace page that actor Jason Isaacs is in the cast of Green Zone.
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