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Green Zone casting, various

  • Variety has confirmed the Jason Isaacs casting story, but reports incorrectly that filming is continuing in Spain (they're in Morocco and have been for weeks). More information about Isaacs' character and future casting from Empire Online (the text below was drafted for a mid-February release).

    Jason Isaacs will play Lt. Briggs, a Special Forces unit commander who butts heads with Matt Damon’s Chief Warrant Officer, Roy Miller, during the search for WMDs in Iraq, following the fall of Saddam Hussein and the start of the American occupation of Baghdad.

    This is good news – Isaacs is a fine actor, and it’ll be fine to see him and Damon spark off each other in a movie that we’re hugely excited about. He also, crucially, has experience of working with Greengrass, having starred in the 1997 TV movie, The Fix, alongside Steve Coogan.

    The thriller, loosely inspired by the book Imperial Life In The Emerald City, has been shooting for just over a month on locations in Spain and Morocco, with London to come in the months to follow. Several major parts have yet to be cast, but are very close – stay tuned to Empire for further announcements.

  • Information about another new Green Zone cast member, Driss Roukhe, is from Telquel-Online.

    And another American production for Driss Roukhe! After his conspicuous and remarkable participation in Babel, by the great Gonzalez Inarritu, the actor is in Rabat alongside Matt Damon currently filming Green Zone, a big Hollywood production directed by Paul Greengrass.

    Driss Roukhe plays the role of Ahmed El Iraqi, the Iraqi officer who fights against the American invasion. A nationalist, he tries to defend Baghdad and organize with other officers a counter-attack. The team remains in Morocco for another two weeks, and will fly to London soon after.

  • Joan Allen discusses how she heard about a possible Bourne sequel here:

    Joan Allen is anxiously awaiting word on whether she'll be involved in the fourth "Bourne Identity" movie. The highly respected, three-time Oscar-nominated actress relates that she was getting her hair and makeup done in preparation for a press day on her "Bonneville" feature this week when "my daughter came running in saying, 'Mom! I just heard on the radio that Matt Damon's agreed to do a fourth Bourne movie.'"

    She couldn't wait to get home from her publicity chores and look it up on the Internet -- since, of course, she was in the last two, and "would really like to do another, actually. I had fun on those."

  • A quote from Jimmy Kimmel at Newsweek on the videos are below with the result of an EW poll.

    Which one's better?
    Kimmel: They're both good. But I think you have to give the edge to hers, because it's the original.


    Odd "couples" aired sex-video spoofs on late-night TV: Which fake-fornication video do you like better?

    54% Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon
    46% Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck

  • Running the Sahara will be released by NEHST this summer - details from Variety.

  • Details about the use of Ovid in The Good Shepherd, and how it was mangled by Hollywood, is at the Harvard Crimson.

  • Updates on Margaret are at CHUD and Hollywood Elsewhere.

  • The Empire Film Awards are on this weekend, and Matt and Paul Greengrass may attend. The show will be broadcast on ITV2 at 9pm on March 10.

  • A comment by actor Milo Ventimiglia, reported at the National Ledger:

    He goes on, "When people take an interest or want to comment on my life, I kind of take it with a grain of salt. I think that's a part of being in the public eye. It's one of those curses and blessings." Milo does have role models to follow, though. He says, "If I can be half as successful as Matt Damon and George Clooney in how they discuss their personal lives -- by being engaging and leaving people smiling, but still feeling like they held onto their personal info -- then I'll be happy. Right now, I'm doing the best I can."
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