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More from the Empire Awards, various

  • The official Empire site has updated with extensive coverage of the Awards. This includes videos, photos, a blog of the night's events, and the acceptance speech by Matt and Paul (complete with 'loser' sign - read the Empire blog for reference).

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    Paul Greengrass
    "Well, it's excellent to get the consolation prize. It was actually quite a hard film to make this one, Paddy will remember that it was a bit of a nightmare to get Matt out of his trailer in the morning. He struggled with the lines to be honest, it was quite easy because he was an amnesiac, but we did struggle. It wasn't until after the film came out that we realised that he was stuck in that trailer all the time because he was fucking Jimmy Kimmel as well. So without more ado, I salute you."

    Matt Damon
    "Alright that's fair, so thank you. First of all, I knew she had a video camera but I never thought she was going to show him and I didn't know he was going to show everybody. It's a little uncomfortable and my wife's here so that's awkward.

    "I really do want to say thank you, it really did say The Bourne Ultimatum in here so that's terrific, I want to say thank you to the readers of Empire because I don't get many awards and I don't get nominated for a lot of awards but when I do I tend to lose out to more younger, talented, better-looking guys like James McAvoy. I'm three eighths Scottish, so anyway.

    "No seriously, thanks very much for including us. I'd also like to salute the one-time loser Paul Greengrass over there, my friend who got out-directed by the other guys in the category he was nominated for."

  • Matt also (jokingly) talked about losing to James McAvoy here:

    Matt also denied he came because he knew he was going to pick up an award. He joked: “If I had known I was going to suffer the injustice of being smoked out by [James] McAvoy, do you think I would have shown my face in public? Not a chance.”

  • And Matt was given a present by Sky to make up for his loss:

    His flick, The Bourne Ultimatum, did win best film, but we reckon the director swiped the award for his mantlepiece, and thus we wanted to give Matty-boy a souvenir of his trip to remember his time - and us, of course - by.

    The prezzie we gave him was a London red bus key-ring, and may we say that Mr D was mighty chuffed, and told Sky Showbiz: "Thank you so much, the sad thing is I will actually use this."

    Not "sad", Matt. Cool. Very, very cool.

    Sadly, the Hollywood hunk didn't have a victory dance prepared for when he popped up onstage to collect the award.

    He told us: "I don't, and that's probably a good thing for everybody here - not to see me dance."

    "I've been doing a dance with my daughter where she shakes her booty, so maybe I'll do a booty shake."

    Aww, Matt, you're such a sweetheart.

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  • Matt discussed working around his children's timetables here:

    Damon, 37, told the media Sunday that he'd "love to come" to London and do a play, "but at the moment I am Daddy and I have to make sure I work around the family and the time the kids are getting up and going to bed — everything revolves around them."

  • If anyone watched the Empire Awards show on TV, please post your thoughts in the comments section.

  • Matt discussed the Sarah Silverman/Kimmel videos here and here, with a spoof response also available on YouTube here.

  • Another CBS video from the set of Green Zone is available at CBS News or YouTube. Actor Sean Huze on his MySpace page says there will be a total of three videos. Matt talks a little more about Green Zone to the BBC.

  • A post at IMDB is seeking hundreds of extras for Green Zone filming in London, scheduled from 25 March.

  • An interview with Scott Adkins from Bourne Ultimatum is re-posted here.

    You worked on one of the biggest films of 2007 The Bourne Ultimatum. What was the experience like working on such a high profile movie?

    Adkins: It was strange to be honest. I auditioned for the part on a Thursday, was told I had the job on Saturday and was flying off to Madrid on the Sunday. I didn’t know what the role was or what it really entailed and I found myself filming the first shot without having even met Paul Greengrass yet. It was a great experience though and I’m happy to be a part of such a successful franchise, even if it is only small. I can’t say enough about Matt Damon, he was extremely down to earth and a consummate professional.

  • A nice post on Matt and Lucy's baby news from Lainey's Gossip.

  • The Boston Herald notes the different approaches of ONE spokesmen Matt and Tom Brady to their promotional water campaigns.

    We can’t help but notice that Cambridge homey Matt Damon went to Africa with Bono’s ONE organization and came back to start H2O Africa, a non-profit dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to impoverished African villages.

    New England Patriots Tom Brady went to Africa with Bono’s ONE organization and signed up to endorse SmartWater to the tune of $3 million!
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