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Gleeson in Green Zone

  • Actor Brendan Gleeson has been cast in Green Zone - details at Variety.

    "In Bruges" star Brendan Gleeson has been signed on for the final lead role in the untitled "Green Zone" thriller that Paul Greengrass is directing for Universal and Working Title.

    The Brian Helgeland-scripted drama is a fictionalized drama inspired by the Rajiv Chandrasekaran book "Imperial Life in the Emerald City," and the drama focuses on the dichotomy between the Green Zone, where troops are housed, and the streets of Baghdad after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Pic posits that bureaucrats are making policy decisions about the country's rebuilding even though they're in a sheltered enclave without a clear view of all that is happening.

  • Matt was asked about Brad Pitt at the Mirror.

    Matt Damon - whose wife Luciana is expecting their second child - swaps tips on family life with pal Brad Pitt. Matt told Danielle: "We get our kids together when we're in the same country. He has his hands full. There's no advice I'd give him - he's getting on with it and doing great."

  • Video footage of Matt on the red carpet at the Empire Awards and part of his acceptance speech is currently available in the multimedia section at the Sydney Morning Herald site.
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