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  • Photos of Matt on the set of Green Zone in Surrey, outside London, on Thursday are at BauerGriffinOnline and PopSugar.

  • A memorial blog for Anthony Minghella is here, with remembrances by numerous colleagues and Ripley collaborators. Minghella discussed the impact of Ripley, and how it was his most personal film, in this interview.

  • An item at The Times indicates that Matt will be immortalised at Madame Tussauds.

    The waxwork of Matt Damon at Madame Tussauds is to have a camera inserted into its eye, with his vision projected on to a screen. “It’s to tie in with his films,” says a spokesman, inexplicably.

  • An interesting interview from Cannes last year is available here. It's a longer version of an interview which appeared in UK's Hello magazine, including:

    You couldn't save anything? [regarding the flood in his apartment]
    Actually I had a couple of first edition books that I cared about that were spared somehow. It was really weird.

    Why do you wear baseball hats so much?
    I stopped wearing baseball hats recently. I went to shoot in Tangiers and a friend of mine said, “No one would come out and say it, but in northern Africa they didn't like people wearing baseball hats.” They thought it was a little disrespectful. So I stopped and I haven't worn a baseball hat since. Before I wore a baseball hat everywhere because I'd just wake up and put the hat on. It was just fast and easier. There is stuff in my hair right now, but if there isn't stuff in it I don't like the way it looks so I just put a hat on.

    So you are done?
    No, I just got in the habit of not wearing it. I was in the habit of wearing them, but now I'm in the habit of not wearing them.

    Now that you're a father, what do traditional events like Christmas and New Year’s, etc., mean to you?
    It's changing because I'm going from being the son to being the father. So I'm starting a new tradition.

    What about endorsements? Are you open to things like that?
    (laughs) I was laughing about this today just seeing George (Clooney) promoting his espresso all over Europe. To me, he looks hung-over with a cup of coffee (laughs). But I don't know about doing that myself. I'm certainly not against it.

  • A final scan from In Touch magazine, thanks to Stacie.

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