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Sighting, various

  • An article here claims Matt's waxwork at Madame Tussaud's in London will be unveiled on 2 April. It is not known if the date is correct, or whether Matt will attend.

  • Sightings from earlier this week at the Sun and Daily Express:

    Shame on Matt Damon. The Bourne series hardman had the time of his life at DIRTY DANCING in the West End, tapping his feet to hit tracks at the musical. Then he abseiled on to the stage and killed five men with his bare hands...if only.

    Hollywood star Matt Damon and his family at the West End's Aldwych Theatre, tapping his feet along to Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story On Stage.

  • Actor Lewis Alsamari, the Iraqi/UK actor who was denied a visa to attend the United 93 premiere in the US, has been cast in Green Zone.
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