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Oprah today, EW

  • Obvious reminder: Matt's featured on Oprah today, and Don Cheadle and Bernie Mac will also be interviewed. E! showed a quick clip of Matt on the show (usual black shirt and jeans, looking great) telling a familiar story of travelling with Brad Pitt, and the overwhelming reaction of fans. Casey Affleck cancelled his appearance on Letterman Thursday for unknown reasons. More clips from the press junket will also be on E! tomorrow.

  • The cast of O12 is on the cover of EW magazine in what looks like a fold-out cover. Only Brad, Catherine and Bernie are visible on the main cover.

  • A long Bourne Supremacy DVD review is at Chud, including:

    What makes these films work is a threefold answer:

    1. Matt Damon. Damon’s an actor who is easily dismissed by the general public. Whether due the extremely tired discussions on the Affleck/Damon relationship, the fact that the actor appears in high profile films or because of how he reached the summit of the business so fast, it’s an unfounded bias to write Damon off as just a pretty face. He’s a terrific actor and a truly gifted businessman. A glance at his contributions to the Project Greenlight process illuminates a far stronger presence than one would expect from a member of “Young Hollywood”. The Bourne series is his franchise, one he nurtures by not letting it become a drag and one he invests himself fully into. It’s hard to see the actor as a killing machine, one who prefers to use his fists (and a magazine if need be) but due to Damon’s investment it works perfectly. He is that rare blend of movie star and actor with an excellent eye for material. He is the hero of this series and as long as he’s interested, there’s no reason that this series couldn’t endure for some time.

  • If anyone would like to share their reactions to the Primetime Live interview, or any other stories/news items, please do so in the comments section for all readers to view. Comments will be deleted if they are offensive, irrational etc.

  • An article about Jerry Weintraub's new Palm Springs home, where the Primetime Live interview took place, is at The Desert Sun, including:

    Weintraub said his cast of "Ocean’s Twelve" selected their residential spaces when they arrived for four days of media events and three nights of parties like guests in the "Big Brother" reality TV show. Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas chose a room with its own outdoor Jacuzzi and indoor-outdoor fireplace. Matt Damon chose a space with a TV viewing room separate from the bedroom. George Clooney chose a conservative green-colored bedroom. Brad Pitt, whose wife, Jennifer Aniston, was shooting a film in Mexico, chose a hipper bedroom dominated by a New Yorker-style caricature painting.

    The entire house is wired for sound and there are flat-screen TVs in virtually every room, including the patio over an outdoor fireplace. Texas Hold’em was played in a warm, masculine lounge area with Damon and Don Cheadle coming out the big winners.
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