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Green Zone photos, Tussauds update

  • Photos of Matt in uniform on the set of Green Zone in London are at Splash News Online.

    Image Hosted by

  • Photos of Matt leaving a Nobu restaurant in London with a friend, and posing with a photographer, are also at Splash News Online.

  • The unveiling of Matt's waxwork has been delayed - a report at the Guardian:

    He should never have starred in a film which saw a (fictional) Guardian journalist shot dead. Matt Damon, of the Bourne series, has been struck by a gremlin of his own. His pioneering "eye spy" waxwork at Madame Tussauds needs more work on the tiny cameras in its melt-resistant eyeballs. A planned unveiling yesterday was cancelled, but the waxwork maker promised all will soon be well. Wax Matt will film visitors as they gape at him, with the result screened on the attraction's walls.

  • There are lots of reports about Jimmy Kimmel's show to celebrate his 1,000th show, including an interview with Guillermo where he talks about filming the spoof Bourne Ultimatum trailer with Matt, and more quotes from Kimmel about the video here.

    Kimmel says he had absolutely nothing to do with the original "Matt Damon" video, which featured Silverman gleefully singing about how she was cheating on Kimmel with the Hollywood actor, who has become something of a punchline on Kimmel's show. (The host would close each broadcast by apologizing for bumping Damon - who was never there - and promising to have him back the next night).

    "I didn't even know they had shot it," says Kimmel of the video. "I have mixed feelings about the fact that maybe the most successful thing we ever produced on the show is something I had absolutely nothing to do with."
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