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'The Informant' now filming in Decatur

  • Photos of Matt filming a scene in Decatur, Illinois, on Sunday for The Informant are at the Herald-Review, by Lisa Morrison. Also at the site is video footage of the filming and Matt meeting fans. Available at the newspaper's special section for the film is a photo of Matt with fans from last Thursday.

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  • More video footage (and some photos) from Sunday's filming is at

  • Details regarding the filming schedule from Tim Cain's column in the Herald Review.

    We (and by “we” I mean the Herald & Review, not a royal “I”) have been reporting the filming in Decatur will be three weeks, May 3-23. That now appears to account for the total time the production will spend in the Illinois area. The Decatur/Macon County filming (because some work will be done at Whitacre’s former residence in Moweaqua) concludes Saturday, May 17. It will be followed by two days in Springfield and a day each in St. Louis and Springfield before returning to Los Angeles.

    Indications are more than half of the movie will be completed by the time filming here is finished. If the standard of one page of script equals a minute of film applies, “The Informant” will be close to 2½ hours after shooting finishes in June in Hawaii.

  • A summary of last week's misquotes and poor web reporting regarding Matt's involvement in the upcoming Bourne video game is at Variety.

  • Matt's on the cover of the March/April issue of UK parenting magazine FQ, which may still be available in selected shops.
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