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Interviews, Springfield filming

  • Video interviews with Matt and crew members of The Informant in Decatur are at WAND-TV (two segments). In the interview Matt says he is wearing a fake nose and cheek implants in addition to the moustache, wig and glasses, and discusses his respect for director Steven Soderbergh.

    Soderbergh will be in Cannes for the next few days presenting his two Che movies and filming is not expected to resume until Friday in St Louis.

  • A report on recent filming in Illini and Springfield is at the State Journal-Register, including:

    Sunday’s filming featured a scene in which Damon’s character, Mark Whitacre, is subject to an FBI raid inside a Decatur country club. The film’s crew went to extensive lengths to transform Illini, even stenciling the Decatur restaurant’s logo on windows.

    The actors all were pleasant, and Calvin said he had an opportunity to see Damon’s human side, even though he wasn’t allowed to speak with him.

    “When he arrived (at the country club), the first thing he did was order dinner and watch the Celtics game at the bar,” Calvin said.

    Damon lives in the Boston area, and the Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers to advance to the Eastern Conference championship of the NBA.

  • In a story at ABC News/Nightline Us Weekly magazine's news photo editor Peter Grossman discussed his magazine's subjects.

    He says that the people who get the most coverage are simply asking for it, in the places they go and the things they do. And as proof, he points to mega-stars who do manage to maintain private lives.

    "You know, the thing is, there are some celebrities that absolutely get it," Grossman said. "One of my favorite celebrities is Matt Damon. He's smart enough to not live in certain parts of Los Angeles and to not go in places where celebrities are always having their picture taken and he didn't marry another celebrity and he's the kind of person that has it all. You can look at him and say it is possible."

  • A behind-the-scenes look at The Good Shepherd, with writer Eric Roth, Matt, Angelina Jolie and Robert De Niro is available here. A short video interview from Boston with Matt and Raun Ruffin is here. Thanks to Maureen.
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