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Sydney Pollack dies, Bourne at MoMA

  • Director, producer and actor Sydney Pollack has died. Pollack was a producer for The Talented Mr Ripley and Margaret, and a producing partner of Anthony Minghella, who also died recently.

  • The Museum of Modern Art in New York is adding the three Bourne movies to its collection, and will celebrate with a special presentation on Friday.

    Then on Friday night, MoMA's Titus 1 theater will host a symposium featuring the producer, screenwriter, and film educator James Schamus as he moderates a discussion with Doug Liman, director of the first "Bourne" film, and Dr. Giulio Tononi, a prominent psychiatrist and neuroscientist with a particular interest in the real-life underpinnings of the kind of memory disorders that are the basis for Jason Bourne's dramatic on-screen struggles.

  • There are a few articles with Paul Greengrass following his appearance at the Hay Festival: IC Wales and Reuters, including:

    As far as the successful Bourne trilogy is concerned, Greengrass admitted that shooting the latest in the Matt Damon feature films – Bourne Ultimatum – ran into problems when they filmed at Waterloo Station in London – because too many on-lookers tried to capture the chase scene on their mobiles and camcorders.

    "We would have to get a dummy camera out and then nip around the corner and shoot," he said. "By the time we started making it, so many people had been snatching shots that I would log onto YouTube and would see my own sequence cut together with one someone had shot and had added music to it."

  • An interview with Bourne and Green Zone stunt coordinator Markos Rounthwaite is at TV3 NZ.

  • It appears that Robert De Niro still intends to make a sequel, or the planned second part, to The Good Shepherd. Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, De Niro said it will be released within four years - my translation follows of this article.

    The actor acknowledges that, by contrast, he has had to grapple with the production when it happens behind the camera. "Generally, the discussions concern money," he said, saying that in the case of 'The Good Shepherd' (2006), "Matt Damon was always present in times of pressure."

    He does not seem discouraged, since he is working on a sequel to it. "I hope that it will premiere within three or four years. I do not think I will make more than five movies in my life and that is if I'm lucky. This will be the third," he said.
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