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Matt Damon News Column
Informant release date, LA photos
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From: (Anonymous) Date: June 4th, 2008 08:27 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Human Factor confirmed

Great news about Matt being confirmed to star in Human Factor. I think it's a fantastic story that should be told. I'm old enough to remember the diplomatic nightmare that erupted when South Africa took part in the Rugby World Cup and Mandelela's role in uniting the country.

One of my best friends lived and worked in South Africa during the Apartheid regime. On her first day off she headed to the beach; happily sunbathing the police approached her and told her she had to leave. She was sunbathing in a 'Whites Only' part of the beach.

When the rules of Apartheid were explained to her the police decided to let her stay as she had a British passport and they didn't want to start a diplomatic incident, they did warn her to be careful where she sunbathed in the future, and to only use the beaches marked for 'Coloureds' she wasn't dark enough to be considered Black. She laughs about it now but at the time she was absolutely furious. Thankfully times have changed, though life doesn't seem to be any easier for the indegenous population.

On a different note, I loved the picture of the Tesla. I'd love the guys on Top Gear to give it a test drive and give their opinion of it. Marcia
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