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  • The website for Empire magazine has now updated with photos, video of the press conference, audio of the speeches, and a detailed report on the event. First, Matt's speech for Best Actor:

    Thank you. Thank God, I think I'm the only guy who showed up, so it's a good job I won. This is actually the first… not to repeat Julie Delpy's speech but this is the first acting award I've ever won in my life. I guess that means that up until now I pretty much sucked in what I chose to do, but I'd like to thank Paul Greengrass the director, and tonight Empire Award loser. It's a weird role because I didn't talk a lot and so it was up to Paul to tell the story and kind of put me in context or else it would just look like me kind of brooding like a jackass for two hours - which if you read some of the reviews actually… But thanks a lot and thanks to the crew, if any of you are watching then please get to the nearest bottle of champagne and drink to yourselves because neither Paul nor I'd be here without you guys. Thanks a lot.

    From a summary of the night's events:

    6.53pm: Mr. Matt Damon – 'Mattttt Daaaaamonnnnn' – who came in the back entrance (oo-er) to avoid the paparazzi throng (or is that thong? We're not sure; we're very tired), picked up his first award of the night, Best Actor for The Bourne Supremacy. Strangely enough, just like Mme. Delpy, it was his first ever acting award. Mind you, the Empire trophy will look lovely on the shelf next to his Best Original Screenplay Oscar. He couldn't stop to chat just now, though, as he had to be back in the room to see if The Bourne Supremacy would win Best Film. There was no tension for us, though – we'd seen the winners' list. It would.

    7.09pm: Down to serious business: And the award for Best Film goes to… The Bourne Supremacy! Excellent! Matt Damon – 'Maaaaaat Daaaaamonnnnn' – and Paul Greengrass – 'Paaaaaaaulll Grrreeeeeeengrraaaaaaassssss' – were on hand to pick up the award. Damon spoke to Empire about the honour before breaking off to salute his good buddy, Kevin Smith, who was in the room having just won the Independent Spirit award. "We gotta listen to him," he says, and so we do. And we laugh. And then he praises the awards for being so goddamn cool. " It's a lot of fun, Johnny Vaughan's great and everybody's really loose," he said. "We were sitting next to Quentin Tarantino at the end of the Best Film category and Quentin turned to Paul and said 'that's the coolest fucking list of films in the Best Film category I've ever seen!'" Fuckin' A! Well said, Matty!

  • In Matt's press conference speech he covered the Bourne sequels, Ultimatum, his 'part' in Team America (yes, even saying his name as per the film), and also mentioned Brothers Grimm and The Departed.

    In relation to Grimm Matt said he and Heath Ledger had swapped roles at the last minute to make it more fun as they would be playing characters they didn't usually play. He also called Heath "a pretty handsome fella."

    For The Departed, Matt said:

    "It's really, really exciting. The script is great. It's by a guy named Bill Monahan, who is one of the best writers around right now. I just met with him a couple of days ago. I've already been up in Boston working with the State Police and going on raids of houses and things like that. Fun stuff.

    "And it's coming together. It should be good. It's ours to lose at this point. If you feel good about the script heading out of the gate then it's yours to screw up. So, it should be a good movie."
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