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More Celtics, various

  • More photos from the Celtics/Lakers game are at Just Jared and PopSugar. Matt's comments to an ESPN reporter about the game and possible revenge on the Lakers are below, and Defamer's take on one photo is here.

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    Of course, if the Lakers were to tie it at 3-3, they'd be on the precipice of history. No team has overcome a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals. That might explain why Celtics diehard Matt Damon isn't concerned.

    "I'm not worried. Not even a little bit." says Damon, a Boston native, who's courtside with Mark Wahlberg. "We could've won [Tuesday's game], and it could've been all over by now. I just honestly think we're the better team this year. And I think we're the hungrier team too."

    But when the buzzer sounds, and the Lakers emerge the victors, Celtics fans are still in good spirits. Matt Damon offers backslaps to courtside fans, and even stops to wish Jack Nicholson well.

    He looks like a guy with something up his sleeve.

    "We're petty enough to sit around and start dialing the Lakers' hotel rooms," Damon warns. "If I were them, and I wanted to get some sleep, I would unplug my phones."

  • A sighting from People Online:

    Matt Damon, dutifully waiting in the car as his pregnant wife Luciana popped into the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Feliz, Calif., for some iced drinks. Wearing sunglasses and a hat, Luciana shared a little "baby talk" with a fellow patron before returning to the car, where Damon was waiting to make a speedy getaway.

  • Photos of Matt on the Van Nuys set of The Informant Monday are at JFX Online.

  • More comments from an ill-spirited Mark Wahlberg at Metro:

    Q: What about your rumored bid for Matt Damon’s role in “Ocean’s Eleven”?

    Wahlberg: That’s true. I didn’t get the role. The first one was good, but the second one isn’t good. You guys can tell George Clooney that it was great, but it wasn’t. I made two bad movies instead of it, but they were still more valuable in spirit.
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