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Filming in Hawaii, Human Factor

  • Filming for The Informant in Hawaii should now be completed. A photo of Matt on the set is below, from here, and another photo is available here. A story about the filming is at the Honolulu Advertiser.

    Image Hosted by

  • Clint Eastwood talked about The Human Factor to MTV:

    MTV: And you're going to be reteaming with Morgan Freeman, directing him as Nelson Mandela in "The Human Factor"?
    Eastwood: Yes, that's something we're talking about doing around the first of next year. Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. It's a very good script.
    MTV: Is there any role in that for you?
    Eastwood: Nope. "Gran Torino" is a short movie. It's very condensed. It won't take very long. I'll do that one for me and then I'm back...

  • An extended clip of Matt's comments at the Spike TV Awards is here.
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