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Green Zone, Running the Sahara

  • The article from People about Matt's weight gain is below.

    Yes, It's Matt Damon

    Where are the six-pack abs? The bulging biceps? PEOPLE's reigning Sexiest Man Alive lets his looks (temporarily) go.

    An 18-oz. steak swimming in Grand Marnier au poivre sauce. Sweet potato pancakes with crème fraîche. A filet mignon--and a pork tenderloin and a Caesar salad with shrimp. What on earth is Matt Damon--who has ordered the above meals recently at Miami restaurants--trying to do? Get fat?

    Well, yes, actually. In his newest film, The Informant, the actor plays a schlubby corporate executive--and, as these pictures show, "he always physically embodies his characters," says Shawn Stallworth, who trained him for The Bourne Supremacy.

    One hopes the 5'11", normally-155-lb. star is enjoying this transformation a bit more than, say, his 40-lb. weight loss for 1996's Courage Under Fire. "People look at the character and think he's haunted," Damon said at the time. "But all I was thinking was, 'I want a cheeseburger.'" Damon's weight-gain diet for the film (out next year) includes bagels and eggs for breakfast.

  • The trailer for Running The Sahara is available at the film's official site.

  • Robert De Niro continues to discuss the planned future sequels for The Good Shepherd, as reported at Variety.

    Turning to more professional issues, De Niro said he would like to make two sequels to CIA Cold War drama "The Good Shepherd" -- one bringing the action forward from 1961 to 1989, the other following its hero, Edward Wilson (Matt Damon), up to the present day.

    Although he is not currently working on research for the concluding parts of an eventual trilogy, De Niro said being in central Europe offered a good opportunity to begin thinking about the material.

    "I had not been planning to do research on that while here, but it is a good idea," he said.

  • Green Zone producer Lloyd Levin discussed why this film will be different from other recent war films at Chud:

    Last weekend I had a chance to talk to Lloyd Levin, one of the producers of United 93 and of Paul Greengrass' new movie, Green Zone, which reteams the director with his Bourne star, Matt Damon. I asked him if he was concerned about the perception that Iraq movies don't do that well at the box office, and Lloyd told me something that I think sets this film about from the Redacteds, the Renditions and In the Valley of Elahs of the world: Greengrass is bringing the sensibility of the Bourne films to this movie. This film will be a thriller, an exciting movie as well as the kind of cinematic journalism that Greengrass did so well with United 93 and Bloody Sunday.

  • Green Zone actor Jason Isaacs discussed his role in an article at Movie Scope magazine that was posted by Char at the forum.

    Isaacs: I also found working with Paul Greengrass terrifying even though he’s an old friend of mine and we worked together years ago. My part in Green Zone was arranged very spontaneously and all I knew was that there was a script by an award-winning screenwriter and that Paul, the writers and the actors, were revising it constantly.

    I arrived in Morocco and was thrown into a helicopter in army gear with real ex-marines and soldiers just back from Iraq, and was told to jump out of the helicopter and take Matt Damon prisoner, or something like that. Paul creates a real situation with as many real people as he can get and creates chaos, drama and suspects, and expects you to improvise your way through it, and then wants it different every time. It was both physically and mentally challenging, and I really enjoyed it.
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