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OneXOne events, various

  • Matt will host the OneXOne gala dinner in San Francisco on 23 October in addition to hosting the OneXOne event at the Toronto Film Festival on 8 September. More details at the official site, which includes these comments for the Toronto event.

    Evening Ambassador Matt Damon

    Matt Damon has been a dedicated frontman for the foundation, not only acting as master of ceremonies for three years running, but taking an active role in both fundraising and fact-finding. Damon’s own charity, H2O Africa, which he founded in 2006, is a major philanthropic partner of the ONEXONE umbrella organization.

  • An article on Running The Sahara is the feature story at the Energy Times magazine.

    Running the Sahara isn’t an environmental film but a story about human nature, exploration and fortitude. Endurance athletes Charlie Engle and Ray Zahab were running an Amazon marathon when they wondered what it would be like to run more than 4,000 miles across the brutal Sahara Desert. Two years later, in late 2006, Engle, Zahab and fellow endurance athlete Kevin Lin set out to traverse the Sahara across six North African countries on foot, an unprecedented challenge.

    Along the way, the team adapts to the elements and the physical and political landscape while fighting their own better judgment and limitations. The suspense of finding out who runs the full distance—the goal is to bring at least one runner across the finish line—makes for gripping storytelling. Aided by spare narration from executive producer and Oscar-winner Matt Damon, Academy Award-winning director James Moll brings to life the runners, the stark backdrop and African culture with equal billing.

  • Photos of Matt at the dinner for George Clooney in London are in August's Harpers Bazaar, (UK edition), available at Clooney Unlimited. There are new photos of Matt with George, with one of their photos captioned as follows:

    When Matt met George
    ‘Brothers from another mother’
    Matt Damon and Clooney spent the whole night ribbing each other

  • Another article is at In Touch about Matt's weight gain and expected weight loss. It's summarised in this National Ledger article.

    According to a report from In Touch, Damon gained 40 pounds for The Informant, but now he's got to shed the weight — fast! "Matt has to lose it to do reshoots for Green Zone," his Informant co-star Joel McHale recently said. In the movie, Matt plays a fit military officer and "the reshoots are in the next couple of months," says an insider.

    But check this out, Matt even at 37 years old isn’t stressing just yet. "He plans on running five miles a day outdoors and on the beach," his pal says. "He'll eat zero carbs, lots of tuna, chicken and almonds — his favorite snack."

  • Sarah Silverman's video with Matt was nominated for two Emmy nominations, including "best music and lyrics".
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