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  • A sighting from People Online:

    Matt Damon, grabbing some Mexican food at Paquito's Mexican Restaurant in Aventura, Fla. The actor, who sported a trucker hat and sunglasses on top of his head, dined with his wife, their daughter and another woman. According to an eyewitness, Damon fed their daughter Isabella, 2, and laughed with her as she sat in her highchair.

  • A report from the Miami Herald about a line in Matt's speech during the Obama fundraiser is below, with other comments from Us Online. More photos from the event are at PopSugar.

    Matt Damon -- with pregnant wife Luciana -- was pretty funny, too: "Ben [Affleck] very eloquently spoke about what it is about Barack that I think everybody here really has fallen in love with the guy for," then added, "I'm gonna see that on YouTube."

    Affleck then introduced longtime pal Damon, whom he also called "extraordinary."

    "We could go issue by issue — there's so many reasons he inspires me," Damon said of Obama.

  • Running the Sahara will have its world premiere in North Carolina on September 5 - details here.

    Most of us can't imagine running 7 days in row, but a Triad man ran for 111 days straight. The journey is now a documentary narrated by Matt Damon. The world premiere of "Running The Sahara" will play at the Carolina Theater on September 5th.

    "Running The Sahara" stars Charlie Engle from Summerfield and two other athletes. It shows their harrowing challenge against the heat, the sand, a lack of water, and political challenges.

    Film makers hope it brings more attention to the water crisis in africa through "H2O Africa." But Engle says the movie really isn't just about running or messages. It's about human nature and taking risks.

    There are two types of tickets. General admission is $20. There are also $100 VIP tickets. They include admission, food, drink, and a donation to H20 Africa.

  • Details of the response by Ocean's castmates to Bernie Mac's illness at the Chicago Sun Times:

    BERNIE'S BUDDIES: It's looking like one of our favorite comics, Bernie Mac, is slowly on the road to recovery from his very serious bout with pneumonia -- cheered on by virtually all of his co-stars from the "Ocean's'' flicks. Among those sending good wishes, flowers and funny notes have been George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Julia Roberts, Elliott Gould, Matt Damon and even busy new dad Brad Pitt, who sent "love from Angie, me and the kids."

  • And Morgan Freeman was involved in a serious car accident on Sunday. No word yet if the start date for The Human Factor will be delayed.
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