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  • Bernie Mac died on the weekend following complications from pneumonia. Matt co-starred with Mac in all Ocean's films, and was an early guest on The Bernie Mac Show (pictured below). On the Oprah show to promote Ocean's Twelve, Mac memorably said of Matt: "Matt Damon is a box of candy. He’s a good guy. He’s a box of candy." A report on Mac's death is here, with tributes from friends and co-stars here.

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  • Actor Morgan Freeman has left hospital following his car accident, but will be in a neck brace for six to eight months, leaving The Human Factor unlikely to commence filming, as planned, in early 2009.

  • Various reports are claiming that Matt may attend the Democratic Convention in Denver.

    A Democratic Party official involved with the planning for the convention, which kicks off two weeks tomorrow (MON25th), told The Sunday Telegraph: "There will be more celebrities in Denver than there were when the Democratic convention was in Los Angeles eight years ago. America understands celebrity and these people will be there to see Obama. It will help generate the kind of excitement we want to see.

    "There will be photocalls with some of the bigger names and there are plans being worked out for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to do some sort of gig on the stage."

  • A scan of Matt and Lucy in Us Magazine is at

  • There will be a charity screning of The People Speak in Boston in September - from the Globe.

    Howard Zinn will give supporters of Social Justice Works! a sneak peek at "The People Speak," a film of readings and performances based on his classic history text, Sept. 19 at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge. The charity bash, honorary-chaired by Matt Damon (who is not expected to be there, sadly), will raise money for the organization's Aaronson Fund, which is awarding its first two $5,000 grants to social justice projects this year. (Recipients are still secret, said executive committee cochairman Ray Shurtleff.)

    Retired Cambridge teacher Larry Aaronson taught Damon and Ben Affleck history at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Matt's mom, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, is an Aaronson friend and Shurtleff's cochair on the executive committee. And Zinn was a Damon family neighbor in Newton. In Boston, it's all six degrees to Affleck-Damon.
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