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  • The Boston Herald reports that Matt will not attend the DNC.

    We hear: That despite reports to the contrary, Cambridge homey and Hollywood leftie Matt Damon has no plans to be in Denver next week for the Democratic National Convention.

  • Matt appears in a new video advertisement for, as reported here and at the Boston Globe.

    Matt Damon has filmed a freaky new ad for the ONE campaign, in which he mouths the words of Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as regular folks. The 30-second spot, part of a $1.75 million ad campaign seeking bipartisan help for the world's poor, will debut Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" and ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos." It's already up on the organization's website. "The ONE Campaign isn't about taking sides; it's about taking action," said Damon, in a press release.

  • The OneXOne site has updated with information about new guests for the Toronto and San Francisco events.

  • More quotes from Joel McHale about The Informant at IGN.

    IGN: What is your part in The Informant?

    McHale: Scott Bakula and I play FBI agents who are covering Matt Damon's character's case. It's a true story and a crazy story where there was a price fixing scandal in the mid-90s. That may not sound necessarily film-worthy, but Matt Damon's character in real life was bi-polar and manic depressive and delusional and without giving too much away, it's just an insane story that really happened. And the twist that this story takes, who would think of that? It's going to be great and Matt Damon's performance - just from being in scenes with him, I'm thinking, "This is going to be good! This guy's damn good! This guy knows what he's doing!"

    IGN: Is Damon a Soup fan?

    McHale: I think he really didn't know what the show was and I don't blame him, and I wouldn't either if I were a movie star. I mean what would be the point of watching it? If he had a 15 year old daughter than yeah, he'd probably know what it was. But he's busy running around being the biggest movie star in the world. I wouldn't be bothered with it if I were him!

  • A quote from Don Cheadle about Matt and Brad's new babies from ET:

    "[Brad and I] text back and forth, and Matt and I text back and forth; everybody's got new babies now, so it's really cool," he tells ET about his 'Ocean's' co-stars. "Now, you know, my kids are at the age where they can be babysitting their kids."
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