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Empire photos, Boston research

  • Update: More photos from the Empire Awards, including Matt with Terry Gilliam, and video of Matt and Paul Greengrass at a press conference, are at Empire's site. Watch for a very amusing response from Matt (and Paul) when asked if there will be any more Oceans movies.

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  • From the Boston Herald:

    Doing the homework for his next role shows Matt's a real Trooper

    By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa, Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    The big guns from "The Departed'' don't begin shooting in the Hub for a couple of months, but star Matt Damon has started doing his homework for his big-screen life of crime!

    The Cambridge homey, whom uberdirector Martin Scorsese cast as a young Irish gangster who infiltrates the Boston Police Department, dished to the Euro press the other night that he's "already been up in Boston working with the State Police and going on raids of houses and things like that. Fun stuff."

    But not for the suspect, we bet!

    State police spokestrooper Scott Range told the Track yesterday the Hollywood hottie joined some "plainclothes, undercover officers" on a "ride-along" in Suffolk County one night a couple of weeks ago.

    "He came out as a casual observer," the sergeant said, declining to say if Matt's night out with the men in blue included a raid. "At all times, he was kept at a safe distance to ensure his safety."

    Well, we would hope so!

    Word from the Chelsea police is that during Damon's role research, he hung out with that city's detectives who work with State Police Sgt. Daniel Risteen of the Gang Unit.

    Matt got a good dose of police work as he observed - from a safe distance, of course - the cops executing a warrant for narcotics and guns at a house on John Street, Capt. Brian Kyes told the Chelsea Record.

    The Massachusetts matinee idol, he said, was "pretty well versed in police jargon and the terminology," which impressed his detectives.

    Why are we not surprised?

    Leonardo DiCaprio, as you are so aware by now, will play Damon's foil in the made-in-Boston crime flick - a young Hub cop who embeds himself in the mob. So where, oh where, will Leo do his homework??? Perhaps the Staties have a few ideas...

  • Anthony Anderson will also be joining The Departed - from the Hollywood Reporter.

  • Did anybody see Matt on the Wayne Newton/E! show The Entertainer a few days ago? Or was that just a strange rumor?
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