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Possible new project, Don Cheadle

  • A Cleveland paper is reporting that Matt is starring in Torso, and that the $100 million project could film in Cleveland or Michigan early in 2009. Matt's involvement in the project has not been confirmed.

    Ohio risks losing a $100 million movie project to another state -- possibly Michigan -- unless state officials quickly grant the Hollywood producers tax breaks.

    Paramount Studios wants to shoot "Torso," a big-budget production that will star Matt Damon as Eliot Ness, early next year in Cleveland. But studio officials say they need incentives to film in the state.

  • Matt was previously mentioned in relation to this project by director David Fincher in January - from an interview at MTV.

    MTV: We were talking about your reluctance to do another so-called serial-killer movie with "Zodiac," but now you're reportedly attached to a graphic-novel adaptation called "Torso."

    David Fincher: That movie is so not a serial-killer movie. It's about the deconstruction of the myth of [Untouchables leader] Eliot Ness. It has way more to do with "Citizen Kane" than it has to do with "Seven." Ehren Kruger wrote a script that's pretty great. We were speaking with Matt Damon about it."

  • Quotes from an interview with Don Cheadle at a Toronto paper.

    Don Cheadle, whose latest film is the international espionage thriller Traitor, and the Bourne series star Matt Damon currently have a running joke about their respective spy roles.

    "When Matt and I text each other, he writes White Mouse and I write Black Bourne," Cheadle, 43, told reporters about his co-star in the Ocean's 11 films.

    The Mouse reference is to Cheadle's breakout performance as the ruthless and sadistic Mouse Alexander in 1995's Devil In a Blue Dress opposite Denzel Washington.

    "I called (Traitor) the Black Bourne daily (on set)," said Cheadle.

    As for any more Ocean's films, he said that franchise is dead despite still being good friends with co-stars like Damon and Brad Pitt, both of whom texted or phoned him when they had their latest kids.

    "There will not be another Ocean's film 'cause at the end of (Ocean's 13), we all looked at each other and went, 'You done?' and we all went, 'Yeah, I'm done. Let's walk off,' " said Cheadle.

  • An article at Celebrity Baby Blog speculates on the origin of the names selected by Matt and Lucy for their children.
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