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  • Ben Affleck's quoted at People about conversing with Matt following the birth of baby Gia.

    "I've kind of been texting him back and forth, and he's doing great and [wife] Lucy is doing great," Affleck, 36, told PEOPLE on Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention.

    Still, Affleck's mind was not far from his old Cambridge pal, who is fast becoming odd man out in his Miami home, what with the addition of little Gia to his strictly female brood of wife Luciana and their daughters Isabella, 2, and Alexia, 10.

    Not that Damon – PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive – has any problem with that.

    "Anybody who has a child is excited, I think, no matter what the gender is. They are thrilled," says Affleck. "The thing that people really want, when you get down to it, is a healthy child."

  • Josh Brolin talked about his early involvement with Howard Zinn and A People's History of the United States at a DNC promotional event for The People Speak:

    As for his involvement in History, Brolin admitted that he first discovered the book through a speech in which it’s referenced in Good Will Hunting, which Moore produced. “I had a very strange obsession with Matt Damon,” Brolin joked.

  • Daniel Craig is again denying claims the latest Bond movie is similar to the Bourne series:

    Quantum of Solace star Daniel Craig has stressed that the new James Bond film bears little relation to the Bourne trilogy.

    Matt Damon's role as the amnesiac secret agent revolutionised the action genre and was held to be a refreshing change to the style of the Bond franchise.

    And with Bourne trilogy stunt director Dan Bradley working on the 22nd Bond movie as second unit director, comparisons between the series of films are likely to continue.

    Craig added: "Sorry to be political about it but I'm certainly not going to get into a p*****g competition with the Bourne fans."

  • Amy Ryan discussed her role in Green Zone with WWD:

    One such intimidating moment was preparing to play a Wall Street Journal reporter in the upcoming political thriller "Green Zone," costarring Matt Damon. "Talking about weapons of mass destruction was really over my head," she admits. "There were some days on set when I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, but I just dove in."

  • An editorial from the Cleveland Plain Dealer discusses the the lack of tax breaks to entice the production of Torso to the city.

  • If anybody is able to access the stories about baby Gia in the upcoming celebrity weekly magazines such as People and Us (and there's any new information), I'd really appreciate if you could summarise the text or post a scan. Thank you.
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