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  • Joel McHale praised Matt's performance in The Informant at the Denver Post:

    Q: I understand you've also got a role in an upcoming Steven Soderbergh movie?

    A: Yeah, I'm the third lead in "The Informant." It's dark comedy with me, Matt Damon and Scott Bakula. I saw a cut of the movie recently and Matt Damon is awesome. It's honestly an Oscar-worthy performance.

  • The Decatur Herald and Review newspaper continues to report on every local reader's experience with the filming of The Informant.

  • EW magazine listed Matt at #89 on its list of the greatest Oscar snubs.

  • Australian radio and TV journalist Kate Langbroek referenced Matt at the Herald-Sun:

    Asked for her best radio moment, Langbroek struggles to pick out a single experience, but then Matt Damon comes to mind.

    "He's just a pot of honey," she purrs. "It's rare to meet someone at that level of fame who is not shuttered off from the world."

    "He was just beautiful and stands out among a sea of not very happy famous people."
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