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OneXOne reports and photos, Informant

  • Quotes from an interview at USA Today:

    He's only in Toronto for a few days, while his wife Lucy and newborn daughter Gia, along with siblings Isabella, 2, and Alexia, 11, are at home in Miami. "We brought them last year but Gia was just born a couple of weeks ago. Everything went well and she's perfect," says Damon, who shows a photo of his youngest daughter on his blackberry. "My clock actually started ticking around 30."

    Soon enough, he's going back to work. Damon has the whistle-blower flick The Informant, helmed by Steven Soderbergh, out in March and the Paul Greengrass-directed war drama Green Zone out at some point next year.

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    As for The Informant, "I've seen two cuts of it. Steven is Steven. The day after you wrap, you have a DVD of the movie. He's a freak of nature," says Damon. "It's the exact movie we wanted to make -- which has a very unique tone. It's a comedy. We turned this story into a comedy. Tonally, it's very different from anything out there. When we first talked about doing the movie, Steven said, 'The Insider was made. There's no reason to make The Insider again.'"

    And audiences will see a very different, totally un-hunky Damon in the film. "Steven said he wanted me to be doughy. That was the only note I got," says Damon. "So what's what I did, being the professional that I am."

  • More photos from the OneXOne event are at PopSugar, including the photo below of Matt with OneXOne Founder Joelle Adler.

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  • More baby talk at People:

    "I sort of knew what to expect with the third girl," he said. "But I'm still on high alert all the time."

    In fact, Damon is so notoriously nervous, he's even earned a nickname back home. "They call me 'Red Alert,' " he said. "If any of the kids were near anything close to being dangerous, I would say, 'Is she touching that?' or 'Watch out!' And the whole family would go, 'Red alert! Red alert!' I guess I can be a bit worried sometimes."

    According to Damon's mom, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, the Bourne star is a happy, hands-on dad. "He's handling everything fine," she told PEOPLE. "He's been very busy changing diapers, doing feedings and nurturing crying babies."

    Meanwhile, baby Gia seems a bit more Zen than her tightly wound father. "She's very alert and she seems pensive," said her grandmother. "By holding her, her energy seems calm and peaceful."

  • And yet more baby talk at ET Online (video also available):

    Matt jokes with ET, "[Luciana] took over [baby duty] for like a day so I could come here."

    Even though Matt was teasing, Nancy tells us that he really is very much a hands-on dad and does "everything." And for her part, she is thrilled to be a grandmother.

    "I didn't know my grandparents, so I am experiencing grandparenting for the first time as a grandparent," Nancy tells ET. "It is so wonderful."

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  • Canadian journalist Lainey, of Lainey Gossip and etalk, discussed Matt and the OneXOne event in this article, including:

    As you know, Matt was in Toronto last night to attend the OnexOne gala for the third straight year. Up and down and all around, if you were to ask anyone behind the scenes about working with Matt Damon on the event, the answer would be universal – he’s the best.

    He arrived on the carpet 5 minutes early, he spoke with every outlet at length, thoughtfully, without rushing, he made sure ever media member would be able to bring back an appropriate soundbite in support of the cause, he stretched out his day to make sure that he was visible to everyone in the city about why he was in town, and once inside the gala, he was engaging, and sincere, and approachable. The best of example of this is the private room.

    Most special guests and performers will request their own private rooms to rehearse and prepare or because they don’t want to have to mingle with the minions until it’s absolutely necessary. Matt Damon declined the private room. And even when he was offered one anyway, he preferred instead to talk to the staff, to spend time with non celebrities, to walk around and meet new people, hear their stories, learn about their lives.

    I don’t have to tell you how unusual this is. Most of them don’t operate like that. Ben Affleck certainly doesn’t operate like that. But Ben isn’t Matt. Matt is amazing.

  • Brief reports on the OneXOne event are also at here and TIFF Insider, and Dose blog.

    Everyone Was Talking About

    Money. While the amount raised to combat world poverty at the dinner hasn't been tallied, nothing at a silent auction during dessert went for less than five figures. The most sought-after item was some quality time with Matt himself. A set visit to his upcoming Clint Eastwood drama “The Human Factor in South Africa” went for $50,000.

    A package to meet the Jonas Brothers was a harder sell, much to Matt's amazement. He'd taken his 10-year-old step-daughter Alexia to see the trio a few days before. "Did you bring her or did she bring you?" the evening's host Seamus O'Regan asked. "She had no idea who the Jonas Brothers were," Matt admitted.

    Damon pulled up to Maple Leaf Gardens earlier than expected (talk about a good guy; the entire red carpet was running behind schedule, but the biggest star of the night didn't just show, he made it with time to spare). Still, he wouldn't take a moment to talk to every reporter. (We forgive him. All the time he spent talking with the big shots gave us enough quality eye-candy time to make up for the disappointment.)

    Next year, though, we're totally trying the fangirl approach, because Damon -- once again proving his good-guy status -- made sure to sign autographs and mug for photos with the fans lined up -- and shrieking -- behind the barricades. And yes, ladies, when you shrieked "Matt, I LOVE YOU-U-U!" he did notice -- by doing a frightened double-take over his shoulder. You might not get the chance to be the next Sarah Silverman, but you can hold the knowledge that you had this year's Sexiest Man Alive desperate for a bodyguard in your hearts forever.

  • Video of Matt comforting a fan who was being crushed in the push for autographs is here, and video of Matt being interviewed is here.
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