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Matt attends session at Clinton Global Initiative

  • Matt attended a press conference on water and sanitation at the Clinton Global Initative in New York Friday. Lucy and Gia accompanied Matt to New York, and photos of their departure from Miami and arrival in New York are at PopSugar, Celebrity Baby Scoop, and Splash News Online.

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  • Reports about the Clinton Global Initiative event are here and here, with photos at Yahoo.

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    More than a dozen non-governmental organizations, some of them coalitions of charities, foundations and companies, together pledged more than $400 million in various efforts to improve access to clean water and sanitation in the developing world.

    The effort, dubbed the "Global Health Mega-Commitment on Water and Sanitation" for the Clinton Global Initiative, aims to reach 8.5 million people and provide a billion liters of clean water to developing areas over the next several years.

    Among the most visible donors: Napo Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NAPL.LN), with a $300 million pledge for anti-diarrheal drugs over seven to eight years in parts of Africa; the actor Matt Damon, who is pledging $1 million for one year through his H20 Africa Foundation and the ONEXONE foundation; Procter & Gamble Co. (PG) with an $18.5 million donation over two years; and PepsiCo Inc.'s (PEP) philanthropic arm, which is partnering with a coalition called WaterPartners International to deliver some $4 million in grants and micro-credit loans to India over three years.

  • Photos of Matt arriving home with a Cinema for Peace folder after attending the session are at

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