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Triathlon, Informant

  • Matt participated in the Escape to Miami Triathlon on Sunday with family and friends. A video and photos are at the Miami Herald.

    Film star Matt Damon participated in the running portion of the race as a member of a relay team along with his stepfather Jay Jones and family friend Barry Hetherington.

    ''My brother talked me into it,'' Damon said.

    Kyle Damon, an Ironman-hopeful who is in training for an Arizona competition in November, finished 27th on Sunday with a time of 2:23:40.

    Matt was greeted at the finish line by wife Luciana Bozán Barroso and newborn daughter Gia after finishing his 6.2-mile leg in 59 minutes and 54 seconds.

    'I was doing this movie this summer where I had to put on all this weight and my brother told me, 'October 5, save the date,'" said Damon, who in recent months has wrapped filming on soon-to-be-released projects Green Zone and The Informant.

    An avid boxer, Damon has been known to stay in shape between movies by sparring in the ring. When asked after the race if he was ready to trade in his gloves for a pair of running shoes, Damon replied, "I don't think so. I knew I was in trouble when the old guy with the oxygen tank passed me."

  • More lovely comments from Joel McHale about Matt at the Palm Beach Post. Note that Negro Modello is a Mexican beer.

    Q: You recently worked with Matt Damon in the upcoming film The Informant. Tell us a dirty little secret about Matt you learned while on set.
    A: He's a nice guy.
    Q: Oh, c'mon, that's not interesting.
    A: (laughs) I'm sorry that being a nice guy isn't interesting, Mr. Star Magazine Guy. But he really is. That's why he's such a huge A-list star. He's great to work with, he's an incredibly smart guy and he doesn't do anything to call attention to himself other than cranking out awesome movies. I tell ya what — he likes Negro Modello. There's your dirty little secret.

  • Here's a link to a new magazine for OneXOne, produced for the recent Toronto event, which includes articles by Matt and Ben.

  • Actor Christian Slater discussed his favourite spy movies with the Wall Street Journal:

    Mr. Slater says he watches the films of the Bourne franchise, starring Matt Damon as an amnesiac spy tracking down his real identity, "all the time." He adds, "The integrity that they've been able to maintain with those scripts and that character has been fantastic."

  • Greg Kinnear discussed Green Zone in an article at Time.
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