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  • Photos of Matt with his family in Miami are at PopSugar and Just Jared.

  • A comment by Matt last year about revisiting Oscar winners 10 years later is being taken up by Entertainment Weekly, as Variety and the New York Post report.

    On October 6, EW is inviting more than 7,000 Hollywood insiders to re-vote on past Oscar races. EW wants to test which movies stand the test of time. With the benefit of hindsight, did the right films and performances win over the past 25 years? To look at 1998, will Robert Begnini still beat Tom Hanks? Will Shakespeare in Love still beat Saving Private Ryan? Will Gwyneth Paltrow still beat Cate Blanchett?

    Last summer, Matt Damon told EW, "The only way to judge a movie is 10 years down the line. I think they should do the Oscars that way. I wish this year we were voting on 1997."

  • Comments from Matt's mother, Nancy Carlsson-Paige in a new article.

    One of her sons has also put his foot down in the Hollywood world. Carlson-Paige’s younger son is Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon.

    “He was in the Bourne movies and he did everything he could. They wanted to make a line of Bourne toys. He said ‘you can’t use my likeness.’ That’s the only legal thing he could do. So they didn’t make them,” said Carlsson-Paige. She said Damon also put his foot down about Bourne video games, but the games were made anyway, but without his likeness: “The problem goes beyond him. He’s doing what he can.”

    Carlsson-Paige said she’s not talking about violent video games being played by 18-year-olds, because they’re legally allowed to do so. But research has shown that little boys can go into video stores and rent video games that have been deemed inappropriate for them. “That’s where the problem is. I think the violence [children see] is a public health issue the same way cigarettes are and should be regulated the same way. But they’re not,” she said.
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