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  • Clint Eastwood discussed The Human Factor at

    Q: You’re about to make a happier story, the one about Nelson Mandela. I understand that Angelina could get a role in that one.

    JOLIE: Oh, he knows.

    EASTWOOD: Yes, we’re going to do that. And that, hopefully, is an inspirational story. It certainly was an interesting time and an interesting dilemma and an interesting conflict too, speaking of inner conflict, because here’s a man who was in prison for 26 years and all of a sudden comes out and goes from a prisoner to running and winning the presidency. And then he has to - then what do you do after you win? So what do you do? He turns out to be a great inspiration to a lot of people and not only the black people that were depending on him to come and be a savior, but the white people that he melded back into the political structure of the town. He knew how to build esprit d’corp among people. So right now, in this day and age, when we’re looking for inspirational leaders, he certainly was at that particular time in history. And that is a story worth telling.

  • Gerry is revisited and praised at the AV Club.

  • A photo retrospective of Matt with castmates, friends and family is at Us online, and includes some good quotes.

    "I love my mom more than anybody in the world....I actually did have the best mom in the world. Ben [Affleck] loves my mom more than he loves me," Damon has joked.

    "Matt Damon played my brother, and I just loved working with him," the late Heath Ledger had raved of his The Brothers Grimm co-star. "He's the loveliest guy in the world. A fantastic actor."

  • Brad Pitt, who had replaced Matt, has dropped out of The Fighter and the future of the film is now uncertain.

  • People posted one of the Miami Herald triathlon photos, with Matt commencing his run and being cheered on by Jay Jones and Barry Hetherington.

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