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Bourne 4 writer announced, quotes

  • Universal has announced via Variety and the Hollywood Reporter that George Nolfi has been selected to write the script for Bourne 4.

    Universal has tapped scribe George Nolfi to pen the fourth installment of the studio's multimillion-dollar Jason Bourne franchise.

    Nolfi co-wrote 2007's "The Bourne Ultimatum" with Scott Z. Burns and the story's creator Tony Gilroy, which brought in $443 million at the boxoffice worldwide and is one of the studio's top-grossing films of all time.

    While the trilogy of Bourne films were adapted from Robert Ludlum's books, the fourth will be based on an original story.

    Paul Greengrass, who directed the last two Bourne films, and Matt Damon are also attached to the new film.

  • Meanwhile, a new Bourne Trilogy collection will be released on 4 November - details at Amazon.

  • A few more quotes from Joel McHale at On Milwaukee and the Northwest Herald as he continues his stand-up tour.

    JM: No, Matt Damon is awe-some. Awwww-some. He's a father like I am, but since I have to watch reality TV, I have an excuse. But you know he is way too busy making A-List movies to bother with TV. Whereas I'm wondering like, "why isn't Flavor Flav back on the air?"

    It was just one of the greatest moments of my life. To be able to shoot a movie with Steven Soderbergh is just an absolute thrill...

    OMC: And Matt Damon.

    JM: There's a really good reason why he is an A-list movie star because he is an incredible actor, dramatic and comedic, and he is about of nice of a guy as you're ever going to encounter.

    McHale: "It is a comic role. It’s a dark comedy. I’m serious. Soderbergh saw this story as a comedy. The fact that this was real makes it one of those human stories where there is comedy there."

  • A quote from young actor Conor Donovan, who played the young Matt in The Departed:

    Q: What advice have you gotten from the actors you have worked with?

    Donovan: The advice I have gotten is in the form of watching them do their acting and watching them as people. The way Matt Damon leads his life, shying away from the paparazzi and the public scene, and the fact that he’s devoted to being a great actor, shows how to lead one’s own career.

  • And a quote from Jess Origliasso of Australian singing group The Veronicas, who met Matt recently after a concert with the Jonas Brothers in Palm Beach - from

    "We had a lot of cool people come to check out the shows," Jess gushed excitedly...

    "Matt Damon knew who we were. He was very charming - and very good-looking - and knew everything about us. He came to the show with a friend and his kids, and came up to talk to us. He told us we don't tour the US enough and it was a big deal to the kids that we were there."
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