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Informant delayed, InStyle

  • The Informant looks to have been delayed until after the festival season in 2009, with this site claiming a new release date of 11 September 2009.

  • A sighting from People online.

    Matt Damon, rising to his feet as Olivia Newton John gave a surprise performance – and not at a public concert. The pop star performed at the wedding of Marquis Jet cofounder Jesse Itzler and Sarah Blakely in Boca Grande, Fla. Damon attended the ceremony with his wife Luciana, who also cheered on the musical entertainment.

  • As promised online, the latest issue of InStyle includes a photo special on the OneXOne portrait studio from Toronto, and includes a few photos of Matt. Here's some of the text.

    It was the easiest phone call to make," said Matt Damon of enlisting his friends to be photographed at the In Style/Diesel lounge in Toronto and chat about their festival projects. The portraits will be auctioned off to benefit the children's charity One X One, so "I didn't have to sell them on anything," as Damon put it.

    And sure enough, the film festival's biggest stars put their faces to work. Josh Brolin, who swooped in to pose for photographer Raphael Mazzucco with only a few minutes between obligations, explained, "Anything I can do to support my friend Matt."

    MATT DAMON [for] The People Speak "I rarely take the title of producer, but in this case I participated in the creative aspect."

  • It's from a few years ago, but here's a good report of Matt talking with fans after a Letterman appearance.

  • H20 Africa has a new deal with Renaissance.
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