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OneXOne, Human Factor

  • Matt and Lucy attended the OneXOne event in San Francisco on Thursday night, although Lucy didn't stay long on the red carpet. Some great photos of Matt and Lucy inside the event are at Wireimage and Getty Images. Photos below are from Yahoo and WENN, and a brief interview with ET is here.

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  • Earlier in the day Matt, Wyclef Jean and David Arquette attended a food distribution on behalf of Feeding An article about the promotional event and the work of OneXOne is at the SF Gate. Photo by Steve Jennings, Feeding America.

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    Honestly, Matt Damon didn't look like the sexiest man alive. This morning, he looked like an average guy in jeans and a baseball cap passing out grapes at the San Francisco Food Bank's Arriba Juntos pantry in the Mission with actor David Arquette and rapper Wyclef Jean.

    The three were in town to attend a shindig tonight for the OneXOne Foundation, which focuses on issues related to children in poverty. The San Francisco Food Bank is a partner through Feeding America.

    Damon, Arquette and Jean spent an hour or so helping to fill the bags and boxes in front of media crews to raise awareness of the rampant hunger that contines to exist across the city and the country.

    The stars graciously signed autographs and smiled for pictures even as they passed out the fruit, their hands (like the other regular volunteers) covered by tight white rubber gloves.

    "I don't expect anybody to know who the hell I am," Damon said, adding that in his travels, here and in Africa, many people he meets don't have enough money for food, let alone a ticket to see his movies.

  • An interview with Matt by the AP's Jason Dearen is here, including:

    The actor said he's headed to Florida this weekend to work with the Obama campaign on getting out the vote in a key battleground state. After that, Damon is off to Morocco to finish shooting a movie, but he said he would stay engaged with the Obama campaign.

    On Thursday, Damon said he would not comment on the Republican ticket.

    "The Obama campaign has decided to focus on the positive, and I should be a bigger man and be able to do that with them," Damon said.

  • From an interview with Clint Eastwood at the Wall Street Journal:

    Q: Your next film, "The Human Factor," is a biopic about Nelson Mandela, with Morgan Freeman in the title role. When do you start shooting?

    Eastwood: We're going to start next March or April in South Africa. That one will be as true as we can make it. It picks it up after he's been in prison for 26 years and gets out, runs for president and wins. Matt Damon co-stars as the captain of this ragtag South African rugby crew that Mandela talks into becoming a championship team in 1995 to help bring the country together.
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