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Green Zone filming again in Morocco

  • Matt is currently in Rabat, Morocco, filming re-shoots for Green Zone. A photo of Matt and Greg Kinnear on set last week is at Flickr.

  • Jason Isaacs discussed Green Zone and working with Matt at the Boston Globe.

    Jason Isaacs had hoped to be at the ICA Sunday for the screening of his new movie, "Good." After all, he's been right next door in Rhode Island shooting "Brotherhood." But the actor got word this week he's needed in Morocco, where he and Matt Damon are about to put the finishing touches on "Green Zone," the Iraq war movie directed by Paul Greengrass. "Matt's all about the work, and so far from precious," said Isaacs, who's British. "The first day of work on 'Green Zone,' I had to knock Matt about like a rag doll and there wasn't a peep out of him. We got to the end of the day, and he was covered in cuts and bruises."

  • Actress Melanie Lynskey discussed The Informant:

    "I guess the next thing that will screen in New Zealand is The Informant that I have just finished working on. It was so much fun making that film. Stephen Soderbergh (Traffic) was great and Matt Damon was super-nice, we played it like a comedy."

  • Matt created some sports-themed artwork for a charity auction to support the Willow Foundation, a UK charity which provides special days for seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds.

  • The A.V. Club has taken a new look at Rounders.
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