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'The Informant' films additional scenes in Zurich

  • Matt filmed a few additional scenes for The Informant in Zurich, Switzerland, on Sunday morning. A photo with an extra is available here. Brief scenes were filmed at the Zurich City Hall and the Savoy Hotel, with more details here and here.

  • The Times lists The Informant as one of the films to watch in 2009, but forgets about Green Zone.

    11: The Informant (September)

    Matt Damon and Scott Bakula star in Steven Soderbergh’s promising black comedy based on a true story about the ostensibly dull world of agribusiness price fixing. If you enjoyed The Insider and would like to see much the same film again, but this time laced with some mordant humour and featuring a bipolar hero, this might be just the movie for you.
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