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Photos, Green Zone

  • Matt will attend a discussion in Boston on Haiti with Dr Paul Farmer - from the Boston Herald:

    We hear: That Cambridge homey-gone-Hollywood-do-gooder Matt Damon will rap about Haiti with Partners in Health nonprofit founder Dr. Paul Farmer at the John F. Kennedy Library on Jan. 27 at 5:30 p.m.

  • Universal has released the first official still from Green Zone as part of their 2009 preview - the photo is available here.

    Image Hosted by

  • Photos of Matt, Lucy and Alexia at a restaurant in Buenos Aires are at Pure People.

  • A fun competition of photo-shopped Matt photos is at

  • USA Today has a new (and fairly pointless) article comparing the lives of Matt and Ben.

  • An article at the Sydney Morning Herald discusses celebrities who 'overshare' personal information with the public, and includes the following reference to Matt and the 2006 'letter' by Peter Bart:

    I was reminded of the open letter Variety editor-in-chief Peter Bart wrote to Matt Damon, chastising the actor for being "utterly secretive" about his private life. Bart compared Damon with the famously reclusive Marlon Brando but even Damon fronts up for loads of interviews and events and has spoken about his wife and family frequently, though never in great detail. Sure, he likes to "keep his private life private", but since when were privacy and secretiveness synonymous? And why is an attachment to the former seen as, in the words of Bart, "mildly pathological"?

    Today we all live with the expectation that we must happily spill our guts for whoever cares to slosh through them. Once considered a virtue, discretion is now viewed as either a character flaw or a sign that you're hiding one.

    We've become so used to hearing about the lovers' tiffs, sexual kinks and medical problems of celebrities that those who refuse to offer up such details are treated with outright hostility - as in the attack on Damon - or suspicion.
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