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  • An interview with a military consultant for Green Zone, who is the inspiration for the movie, is here:

    Before signing on to the film, Gonzales promised himself he would stick to three principles: He would try to ensure that all of his colleagues were portrayed honorably, that no one would be embarrassed by the portrayal and that he would advise the movie makers to be as accurate as possible.

    While committed to accuracy, Gonzales also understood the need to strike a balance between nitpicking details and making progress with the movie.

    "I learned along the way that you had to pick your fights," Gonzales said. "They could stop the train and fix some things, but they couldn't stop it to fix everything." He also had to trust that the movie would stay accurate through the editing process.

    "Green Zone" is tentatively set to be released in August.

    "It's great," Richard Gonzales said. "I'm not just saying that."

  • Josh Brolin mentioned Matt in a recent acceptance speech:

    Brolin had also spoke highly of Matt Damon during his acceptance speech, slyly thanking him for his contribution to the evening. "Matt was supposed to play [the role of Dan White], and he was too busy. I just want to say thanks to Matt, and I also want to say I hope you stay very, very busy."

  • A good collection of photos of Matt is here:

  • Anna Paquin talked about working with Matt in Margaret during an interview last year for Paste magazine, available here:

    Paste: How was it working with Matt Damon?

    Paquin: Great! He had like four days of work on the film, so I can’t say that it was an incredibly long experience. He was doing another job at the same time (he was shooting The Good Shepherd), so his days were real scheduled throughout the show, but he’s an incredibly talented actor and really, really good at his job. Wish I had gotten to know him better, but you know, that’s just the way filming goes.

  • There's a live performance of The People Speak at Sundance on 22 January.
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