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Green Zone, Mandela project

  • Recent sightings in Miami are at the Miami Herald, Ted Casablanca's column at E Online and People.

    Wearing a navy Obama T-shirt and skull cap, Matt Damon picked up crab meat ravioli and chicken Parmigiana at Miami Beach's Cafe Prima Pasta for a quiet dinner at home with wife Luciana. "Even though Matt said he was feeling under the weather, he stopped for a photo with fans," says a source. "What a great guy."

  • Jason Isaccs discussed Green Zone at Empire Online on 21 January and in an interview here:

    Isaacs recently wrapped Paul Greengrass' espionage thriller "Green Zone," with Matt Damon, in which he plays an American special-forces agent. "Like always, (Greengrass) gets your heart pumping," he promises. "There's a lot of adrenaline and I'm exhausted. That's all I can tell you."

    There was also a surprise, last-gasp appearance from Empire favourite Jason Isaacs in slightly less formal attire (“This is me dressed up! I’m wearing my best jumper”). Isaacs doesn’t appear in Valkyrie, so we assume he was warming up his red carpet skills for the premiere of Green Zone later this year. “I spoke to Paul Greengrass today. It’s going to be fantastic – he makes films in a way that nobody else makes them. I got to hang out for most of the year with soldiers of all ages from all different units, as well as Iraqis, Syrians and Lebanese people, which made the times between filming as interesting and stimulating as on camera.”

  • A new company has been given a license to create Bourne video games. A story at Variety summarises the problems with the previous game.

  • An update on The Human Factor from Clint Eastwood at a Film Festival event from In Contention:

    He also talked briefly about his upcoming Nelson Mandela biopic starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon (nothing beyond what you know), though it doesn’t seem to be called (or based on) “The Human Factor.” The current title is merely “Mandela,” but I imagine that will change. He did, however, mention John Carlin’s “Playing the Enemy” as a volume that dealt considerably with the events he’ll be depicting in the film. Maybe the script will end up some variation or even an adaptation of that material
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