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Informant test screening, Torso

  • A positive early test screening for The Informant is at Aint it cool news.

  • A preview screening of The People Speak will be held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York on 11 February.

  • Clint Eastwood discussed his plans for The Human Factor in an interview at the Courier Mail:

    Like Changeling, Eastwood's next project is based on the sort of extraordinary true story no director would have the audacity to make up. Starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, The Human Factor is about Nelson Mandela's campaign to host the 1995 World Cup during his first term as president of South Africa.

    When a film is based on real events, says Eastwood, he feels his responsibility towards his subjects keenly.

    "You definitely want to get it right. You don't want to take liberties with a true story. That's why it has to have all of the dramatics built in. You can't take it and say: OK, it's based on a true story, but we're going to dramatise it here, we're going to add a bit more of this, and make it a big romance here."

  • An update on plans for Ness/Torso at MTV:

    'Torso’ producer says film is still on despite rights issues

    On the red carpet for the Portland premiere of “Coraline,” producer Bill Mechanic told MTV News that a big-screen adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis‘ graphic novel “Torso” is still moving forward, with or without Paramount’s involvement.

    Just last month, word came through that the rights to Bendis’ original graphic novel had lapsed at the studio and that the previously-announced film version, to be called “Ness”, was in jeopardy.

    The film still has David Fincher attached as a director, but no studio has committed to back the picture. Mechanic now says that not only will the film still happen, it’ll still happen at Paramount.

    “We want them to make the movie and I think they want to make it. Cool heads will prevail and hopefully it’ll get started pretty quickly. If they don’t make it, somebody will. I’m focused on making the picture.”

  • A few new videos at YouTube: Matt discussing Good Will Hunting in a 1997 interview with Joe Leydon here, and an Australian interview with Heath Ledger for Brothers Grimm is here.
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