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Showest, Greenlight

  • From a USA Today article on ShoWest, which centred on the Brad/Angelina/Jennifer Aniston angle:

    A few hours later, Aniston showed up to receive the award for female star of the year. Pitt and Aniston did not bump into each other, at least publicly, though shutterbugs kept their eyes peeled.

    "It's got to be tough," said Matt Damon, who co-starred with Pitt in Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve.

    "Most actors can lead a quiet life if they decide to," Damon said. "I do. But Brad is one of those actors you get once every generation who is born to be a star. He's as nice and as regular a guy as there is, but attention follows him everywhere."

    Damon, who was on hand to receive the award for male star of the year, settled in to talk about his turn in last year's The Bourne Supremacy when Bernie Mac arrived unannounced to comment on the same topic. Mac, who also starred in the Ocean's films, received the award for comedy star of the year.

    "Man, I just wanted you to know I rented that movie last week, and you were great," Mac said, surprising Damon with a slap on the back. "Watching you do all those stunts, I was really impressed."

    As photographers swarmed to capture the impromptu meeting, Damon smiled. "I can promise you," he said. "It was all fake."

    Damon then ducked out of the glare of flashbulbs. "It gets a bit crazy here," he said. "No wonder they hold it in Vegas."

    Other stars at the convention were vying for the spotlight...

  • An article with Matt at, mostly talking about Greenlight.

    Fans will have to tune in to the show's remaining eight one-hour episodes on Tuesdays to see if Gulager falls prey to some of the melodramatic hijinks indulged in by the season-two directing tag team of Kyle Rankin and Efram Potelle.

    "It's like the bad second act of the movie," Damon says, "where the guy finds out he's king, like 'King Ralph.' Or like 'Bruce Almighty,' with Jim Carrey as God blowing someone's skirt up. It's that first reaction to having this power that you never thought you'd have. Then you get over that.

    "They're suddenly the director, and everybody is listening to them. They're in charge of 60 people. You can [get drunk on it]. Most people I know don't, or didn't, even when they could have, but these guys ... and also, they've got a camera in their face for 24 hours, so if they have one moment of weakness, the director's going to pull that clip and use it, because she's trying to make a TV show."

    Damon still feels good about giving talented amateurs a chance, but like the reality of Hollywood, it's all about the bottom line in the end.

    "If we don't make money this time," he says, "we're f***ing cooked. That's it. No one else is going to give us money for this project. I think, on Bravo, we'll get more viewers, and hopefully they'll go see the f***ing movie, and we can do it again."

  • Update: From Norm's column at the Las Vegas Review Journal:

    Matt Damon, turning heads in the Palms spa on Sunday. On Friday, he was losing a bundle until Palms owner George Maloof rubbed Damon's chips for good luck. Damon won the next 11 hands.
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