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Mandela project, new video for ONE

  • Author John Carlin discussed the upcoming Mandela film in this Spanish article, including Matt's role as Francois Pienaar - a translated version of one part of the article follows:

    'The Human Factor', which has its premiere scheduled for December this year, is in the process of casting extras and will begin filming in March in Cape Town. For now, the only confirmed actors are Freeman and Matt Damon, who will give life to the captain of the Springboks, "a role that will not give him a chance to win an Oscar but he took the role because he loves the story/history".

  • Matt appears in the new ONE Voice video, speaking in Italian, which was launched at the San Remo Music Festival.

  • A sighting from People.

  • An article on Matt's attention-seeking step-sister Sarah Bradford is at Life and Style magazine, including:

    Matt Damon's model stepsister has become one of the hits of New York Fashion Week. Sarah Bradford made her runway debut at the Alvin Valley show on 12 February (09) and now admits she hopes to use her model good luck and her Oscar-winning sibling to land a movie role.

    She tells Life & Style magazine, "My mom married his father. There’s a total of five siblings, and we all grew up in Boston. We have such crazy schedules, so it’s difficult, but we’re extremely family-oriented and make a big effort to spend as much time together as possible."

  • A quote from an interview with designer Giorgio Armani at

    Interviewer: You’ve also dressed a lot of the men on the red carpet, like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

    Armani: Matt and Ben gave me one of my first indelible “Hollywood” memories. I dressed them for their first Academy Awards ceremony, when they won the Oscar for Good Will Hunting. They were so exuberant on the red carpet. They were beaming like little boys, saying, “Thanks for the tuxes, Giorgio!”

  • A great report of an encounter with Matt by a fan a few years ago is at
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